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Welcome to the website of the Hawaii State Student Council, the official representation of Hawaii’s 178,000 public school students. The council is comprised of members spanning the several islands of the state who meet monthly to discuss students concerns and action to remedy the present and future issues of education and student life.

Engage with us. HSSC gains its strength from the present network of student councils (state, districts, and schools); however, we would like to expand upon the status quo. We want to establish a network that comprises every student in the state. Hawaii students can accomplish this ambitious goal by taking part in student government and staying informed on the issues. Our website offers students information on the council’s activities, education updates, and statewide resources. The website further facilitates our desire to hear from our peers, so give us an email–tell us what you think or join our Facebook group and subscribe to our “Tweets.” Developing this network is key to growing in our capacity to initiate change in our schools and communities.  We are the voice of the students of Hawaii.

About Us


The Hawaii State Student Council, or better known as HSSC, consists of 45 students; representing the 44 Hawaii public high schools and one Board of Education (BOE) student member.  Each public high school is represented by one student to ensure that all the student voices of Hawaii are heard.

The Board of Education student member is a non-voting member that attends BOE meetings and solicits inputs on policy decisions from the HSSC and students throughout the state, encouraging them to express their concerns.

The State Advisor serves as the counselor of the council and is the bond between the Department of education and the HSSC. The Advisor also serves as the advisor to the planners of the Secondary Student Conference (SSC).

The HSSC also works closely with the SSC Planning Committee to address youth concerns to the State Legislature, Board of Education, and other recommending bodies. The SSC Planning Committee plans an annual mock legislative experience for public and private secondary schools.


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Educational Platform

HSSC's Political Action Committee has worked diligently to determine the priorities our council will follow during the Legislative Session on behalf of the students. After, creating Resolutions that passed at Student Secondary Conference (SSC) our Educational Platform encompasses Student Activities and Involvement, School Climate, School Curricula, and College and Career Readiness!

Contact Information

We always welcome your comments, suggestions, and questions!

Hawaii State Student Council
475 22nd Ave. Rm. 117
Honolulu, HI. 96816

Telephone: 808-203-5510 Ext. 2117

Email: Tiffany_Frias@notes.k12.hi.us

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