Student Leadership Conference 2012- "Leaders Got Game!"

Leaders Got Game!- July 19-21, 2012

This summer, on July 19th-21th, was the Student Leadership Conference. Every year, the Hawaii State Student Council organizes this amazing opportunity for public high school student leaders in Hawaii.  This year's theme was "Leaders Got Game!"  The Hawaii State Student Council hopes that the students will be inspired by the personalities that they meet as they are encouraged to rise up to the challenge of being servant leaders.  SLC teaches valuable skills as leadership, communication, speech making, in addition to providing the opportunity to form friendships and exchange ideas with other student leaders across the state.  Some SLC attendees and staff write about there experience at SLC 2012:

 Here are pictures from SLC 2012 of students learning and benefitting from their experience at SLC:

In the first general session at SLC, speaker Ed Gerety asks the audience, "if you had one our to live, who would you call and what to you say to them?"  He called one of the attendees up to the stage to call his mom, in front of everyone, and tell her that he appreciated her.


SLC attendees work together to come up with skits to show ways to encounter change.


During the second tranquility activity, Mr. Fillazar teaches the students that our leadership starts a chain reaction.  Using these lights, he shows them that one person lighting up their pen, will lead to another person to light up, and so on and so forth.


SLC facilitators lead energizers to keep the students enthusiastic for the rest of the day.

At SLC, not only do the student council members gain new leadership skills and ideas from the conference, but they also create bonds with councils from all over Hawaii that last a lifetime.  


The members of the Hawaii State Student Council 2011-12 are recognized on the last day of SLC.  Left to right: Susan Sato (Advisor), Keagan Sakai-Kawada (Chairperson/Hawaii District), Natalie Strauss (Vice Chairperson/Hawaii District), Danicia Honda (Secretary/Leeward District), Daniel Kim (Honolulu District), Daphne-Jayne Corrales (Central District), Rachel Tanoue (Central District), Nolan Arasato (Leeward District), Mia Baybayan (Leeward District), Isaac Hein (Windward District), Samantha Kubota (Hawaii District), Kiana Pigao (Kauai District), Marella Galace (Maui District), Kaelyn Okuhata (Maui District), Angelica Wai Sam Lao (BOE Student Member/Central District)

SLC 2012 Facilitators and Staff: (Top) Jillian Oyama (c/o 2009), Matthew Nagata (c/o 2011), Rene Shindo (Hilo High SAC), Isaac Hein (c/o 2012), Danicia Honda (2012-13 BOE Student Member, Pearl City High), Richard Lau (Kalaheo High SAC), Michael Kikukawa (Molokai High), Daniel Kim (Kaiser High), Dillon Ancheta (Kauai High).  (2nd Row): Nolan Arasato (c/o 2012), Leslie Garo (Lahainaluna High), Marella Galace (Lahainaluna High), Daphne-Jayne Corrales (c/o 2012), Cherese Shelton (Kea'au High), Angelica Wai Sam Lao (c/o 2012), Susan Sato (HSSC advisor), Samantha Kubota (Hilo High), Hannah Carnes (Kalaheo High), Jared Agtunong (Maui High).  (3rd row): Rachel Tanoue (Moanalua High), Layla Fidel (Pearl City High), Mia Baybayan (Campbell High), Danicole Ramos (Kalani High), Kiana Pigao (Waimea High), Christopher Easterling (Mililani High), Deana Ramos (Kalani High), Lawson Fernandes (Kapa'a High), Kaelyn Okuhata (King Kekaulike High).  (Bottom): Marci Nakamura (c/o 2012), Evan Takemoto (c/o 2010), Keagan Sakai-Kawada (Waiakea High), Natalie Strauss (c/o 2012).